Lix Metal Stool Turquoise

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Lix Metal stool is a classic and iconic design that has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for those in search of a stylish and functional seating option.

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Lix Metal Stool Turquoise

Inspired by the Tolix chair

Lix Metal Stool is a popular type of metal stool that was first designed and produced by French metalworker Xavier Pauchard in the early 20th century. The stool is made from sheet iron and is renowned for its sleek design, durability, and versatility.

It has a simple yet functional design with its streamlined silhouette and its signature perforated seat and backrest. It typically features four legs, which are slightly angled to provide a sturdy and balanced base. The stool is also lightweight and stackable, allowing for easy storage and transport.

The usage scenario for this stool is quite broad as well. They can be found in homes, restaurants, cafes, bars, and even in outdoor spaces. They are commonly used as dining chairs, lounge chairs, desk chairs, and patio chairs due to their durability, comfort, and timeless design.



Product Dimensions

Height: 46 cm
Width: 39 cm
Depth: 39 cm
Seat height: 46 cm
Max.Supported Weight: 150 kgs


3.1 kg


Please keep the iron chair away from acids and alkalis. If it accidentally comes into contact with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) or alkali (such as alkali, soapy water, soda water), the stain should be rinsed immediately with clean water, and then wiped with a dry cotton cloth.

Packaging Dimensions

Height: 85 cm
Width: 42 cm
Depth: 42 cm
Weight: 14.4 kgs
No. of items: 4

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